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Shoulder pain

Hand/wrist pain

Hand discomfort



Palm Pad

Paddle Sox

Invented by a mechanical engineer

and outdoor enthusiast

Palm Pad

Palm Pad200w

  • 1 full inch of padding
  • Alleviates hand stress
  • Absorbs road shock & vibration
  • Easily afixed to your brake hood
  • Totally new hand position
  • Ergonomic arm position
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Saddle Strap

Saddle Strap200w

  • Areodynamic
  • Only 5.7gm each
  • Store in tool bag
  • Stow all excess riding gear
  • Works with under-seat bag
  • Never gets in the way
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Paddle Sox

Paddle Sox200w

  • No more blisters
  • Slides onto shaft
  • Remains in position
  • Slides out of the way
  • Does not increase shaft diameter
  • Easily transferrable
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Our Guarantee

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